Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The fourth morning

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that Gloria's assertions were becoming much more. They involved sharp pecks to poor Poppy's back (doubly unfair as she is bare there and must be aching like mad from the fox bite). It involved chasing.  Poppy makes no retaliation.

I had a word with Gloria to make sure that she knows it isn't too late for me to take her back to the allotment.  I meant it. I mean it.  What's stopping me is that I know, I know, I KNOW it's only the normal course of events;  and I don't really want to put Poppy through dealing with a different new hen, even if the one I have in mind is bottom of the pecking order where she is. Being bottom there doesn't necessarily mean she'll stay that way here.

On the plus side, I did see that they were sitting sort of near each other;  I have seen Poppy eating grass, and I saw her having a drink. I haven't seen her eat pellets. I believe it's getting better. She's getting better.

We were woken at dawn by the godawful noise that Gloria makes.  I'd never heard her voice at the allotment.  She must from the same line as Roobarb, because Roob used to make the same noise - thankfully mostly in the afternoon.

I got up to check for foxes.   An hour later, DH was woken up by it, and he got up to check for foxes as well.   The pop hole is closed at the moment, so we know that foxes can't get in. 

It's still a worry.

They are continuing to stay in the same general part of the garden,  but not next to each other. Well, next to each other but with a decorous gap in between, so that no one mistakes them for chums.

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