Monday, 11 May 2015

Not now, Cato!

Really early on, Poppy and Lotti (and Gorgeous, actually) learned to fly up on to my oustretched arm for a reward of corn.

As they got older,  and I didn't practice it, they all got out of the habit.

I revived it a while ago.  Lotti re-learned very quickly,  but  Poppy refused to remember what she had to do.  I didn't try it again with Gorgeous, as she was an allotment chook by then.

Over the last few days, I have been attempting to get Poppy (and Gorgeous Gloria) to do it, for the reqard of mealworms.   Eventually Poppy did it and was rewarded.  Upon seeing Poppy's success and reward, Gloria immediately learned what to do.

It's always amazed me what selective learning capabilites chooks have.

I practised today, with both Girld getting very excited and having no difficulty in doing what was was asked.

Much later, I went out to adjust the netting (Poppy is flying over again). 

Gloria jumped, literally, at the opportunity to fly on to my arm.

Unfortunately, I wasn't actually aware that we were doing it, and I moved before she landed.

I can see that she is going to be jumping up at me at every opportunity, like Cato trying to attack Clouseau.

Not now Cato!

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