Monday, 4 May 2015


There was a lot of work to do at the allotment today.

DH had to take down the electric fencing and strim all round the outside, and also strim the overgrown bit of the allotment which our chickens don't have access to.  I did the daily and weekly chores - egg collecting,  feeder topping up,  scrub and refill drinkers,  muck out, dist with Diatom, etc.  

I also mowed the grass outside the allotment.  Most of the chooks came streaming back out when I had finished, eager to nibble on the succulent, newly trimmed, grass. 

I was very surprised to see Norman nibbling grass right next to Henry.  Their joint incaceration has obviously made them get on together.  DH saw Henry jump Norman a few minutes later,   so hopefully we have some fertile Normy eggs in the incubator.
Norman (rear left, Henry, rear Middle)
Sometime later, I was equally surprised to see Norman  beak to beak with Nora.  Again, their joint incaceration has, presumably, made them more tolerant of each other.
Norrman (R) and Nora

It will be interesting to see how long the entente cordiale keeps up.

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