Saturday, 2 May 2015

And in the morning...

Poppy was sitting in the dustbath, and Gloria was sitting in the Cube.

I went out with some fish to (a) make sure Poppy eats something, and (b) to tempt Gloria out.  It worked.

They ate the fish, carefully avoiding eye contact with each other.  I sprinkled corn to give them something to rook for, and exited. 

Our walk in run is T shaped.  Poppy stayed in the across piece;  Gloria stayed in the down piece, with the Cube at the end. 

A few minutes later, Gloria was back in the Cube.

I went out again, tempted her out with some pellets, but she came out, had a look, and went back upstairs.  Ir's obviously very overwhelming for her,

I left them to it for a bit.

In a while, I'll let them out to free range.

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