Saturday, 30 May 2015

And while this was going on

DH decided to order a Grainfather.

We've talked a couple of times about having a go at brewing beer from scratch.  We did it once at a micro brewery, a long time ago.

Then a few days ago I read on one of my online-friend's blogs about a thing called a Grainfather and some super helpful software called Beersmith. (

It sounded really interesting, so I forwarded it on to DH to see what he thought.  We had a brief discussion about it,  that it might be worth doing as a summer project. It's a considerable investment, but if it produces proper quality beer it would be worth it. I also imagine that the second-hand value, should it turn out not to suit us, will also be reasonable.

We didn't talk about it after that because DGS-H happened,  and when Hayden happens very little else does -DH and I haven't really talked about anything over the last few days.

Yesterday evening, in passing, DH mentioned that he'd ordered a Grainfather.

So it looks like our summer project is on.

Thank you to John Norman for the info!


  1. They're selling like hot cakes, according to The Home Brew Shop. Wishing good luck to both of us with our respective first Grainfather brews!

    1. Ooh, John, I didn't realise you had got one - last I read, you were thinking about it.
      Ours arrived ast week, but DH is going away so we won't be able to start for a couple of weeks!