Thursday, 7 May 2015

The 6th morning

Not much change really.  Just when I think they are getting along, Gloria does something horrible, like jumping on Poppy's back.

I think we're close to the end of the window of opportunity for me to return Gloria to the allotment.  I've also  no guarantee that bringing home another subordinate chicken is going to come out any better.

Poppy looks a lot brighter.   Colour has returned ot her comb. I've seen her digging (maybe an escape tunnel though?),  she's eating (grass, at least.).

On a side note - because she has lived completely free range on the allotment, Gloria doesn't understand concepts like "going into the run when corn is thrown in there" (so I can shut them in because I am going out).  All our garden girls have been raised on this process, so it's a little tiresome.

I've eaten a family sized bag of Galaxy Counters while I consider what to do.

I still haven't decided, and now I just feel choc-sick. I think I preferred them when they came in little white bags and had only a few in. Percy the Pelican, etc.

I've also ordered another sewing machine.  I could blame it on the stress, but that wold be a complete fabrication.

I'm getting ready to do the cutting out for a very long string of bunting letters.

Deep breath.

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