Friday, 27 February 2015


DH built the cupboard that evening.   We'd had to remove the gateleg table (which had it's own drinks cupboard inside), and clean up a bit first.  We discussed the positioning of the drawers inside the unit - I've gone for 2 outside drawers, with additional shallow drawers inside.   I like the sleekness of two big drawers on the outside, but need the storage capacity of more drawers and this gives me an opportunity to see how it works in practise. I decided I needed to think about it, so that part waited until Wednesday. 

On Wednesday, it was all installed.

Yesterday I started trying to organise things into it. After lots of farting about, it was done.

It came with blue protective covering over the drawer fronts and I quite like the shock of the blue colour.  

It doesn't go with anything else in my kitchen, and it isn't a colour I would have chosen, but I quite like it. I will peel it off today to reveal the vanilla coloured fronts.

The workbench isn't quite tidy and clear yet, but it is looking better.

I haven't decluttered at all, I've just un-cluttered. A bit. For now.

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