Sunday, 8 February 2015

and sew on

I'm feeling a slightly shameful sense of pride.  I managed to use my machine to hem 4 pairs of trousers, and it went really well! I feel a bit sheepish, as of course DH is probably perfectly capable of hemming his own trousers. But I was curious to see if I could do it.

I feel that I've saved us £40, as it cost us £10 per pair to have them hemmed when we've done it before.

I'm also planning to make myself a new apron, one that is suitable for the larger busted lass. 

Normal aprons, the ones with the normal apron-tie round the neck, don't stay in place,  Some years ago I managed to sew a proper fabric collar on to such an apron, and it worked beautifully.  Now though, I plan to sew something a little prettier.

I bought a couple of patterns from Paisley Pincushion , via Etsy,  for such aprons.

This one looks like I can make it look a bit more tailored:
This one looks like an easier pattern to follow and doesn't require tying, but it might look a bit baggy...
They arrived a little while ago and I finally opened them yesterday to see what fabric I need to buy.  The instructions are easy, if you know about these things,  but to me  it was like reading an engineering manual.  I could undertstand the fabric requirements, but the first instruction was copyingmarks on to the fabric and then sewing the darts.

I know what a dart is, in sewing terms.   I have no idea how one is sewed.

I emailed my Aunt, who did a lot of dressmaking when she was a little younger, and she has very kindly agreed to help.

I was going to use a "Chicken Run"duvet cover I'd bought , the pillowcase has pics of Mrs Tweedies Pies. My brother calls me Mrs Tweedie because I have lots of pet chickens.

The main part of of the duvet cover has an enormous Gnger and Rocky picture,  so that's no good.  And it really would be a shame to cut it up.

So, I'm going to fabric shop on Tuesday, and have a go on Wednesday.

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