Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lovely Lotti

Lotti (short for "Borlotti", a reference to her gorgeous markings) is a loopy Exchequer Leghorn hen.   Yesterday she crouched for me, so I knew that she would soon re-start laying.  Poppy has also been crouching, but no sign of any eggs from her yet.

Today I had to put the Girls away so that I could go and see to the Allotmenteers.  The Garden Girls are well used to being called into their run and rewarded with corn, and I was a little surprised to see that Lotti wasn't around.  I checked the nestbox on the Cube - empty.  

I realised that she must be in the pampas grass somewhere.  She has made a nest in there before, so I knew to look at my head height, not on the ground.  I heard little chirrupings, and soon saw her, nestled in a hollow, throwing bits of pampas onto her back,

There was no sign of any eggs, so today must be the first.  I waited for about 15 minutes, but nothing happened. She continued to turn around, throw papas, snuggle down, chirrup, throw pampas, stand up, turn around....

I left her to it.

When I got back she was happily rootling around in the garden.  I checked, and the nest looked empty. 

I looked more carefully and discovered an egg, covered in pampas bits.

I wrote the date on the egg, put it back, and covered it over again.

At least I know where she is laying. I don't want to put her off by removing the one and only egg she has laid there so far. I'll check each dat and write the date on any eggs, and when she's laid a few I'll start removing them.

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