Friday, 27 February 2015

Mucky pup

I had decided, yesterday, that if today was sunny I'd sort out the compost. We have 4 bins which are full, but have not produced compost.  They need relocating to a sunnier spot, and the compost needs turning.

It was sunny, gorgeous day for being in the garden, so I put on an old jumper and set to work,

I started with an empty bin,Bin 0,   and started to empty Bin 1 into it.  Eventually I got to a point where I could lift bin 1 off the compost and finished shovelling.

Then I moved Bin 1 to it's new home, and started emptying Bin 2 into it.

Then Bin 3 into Bin 2.

The Girls came to watch, lined up along the fence.

Finally, Bin 4 into Bin 3.   To be honest, I'd had enough long before I'd got bin 4 to the point where I could lift it off.  

I need a cup of tea.

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