Monday, 16 February 2015


My lovely eldest grandson has come to stay for a couple of days.   DH is away, parent-sitting, so it's just the 2 of us.  He is of an age now where we can have proper conversations, has sensible opinions,  and it's always interesting to hear his views on things.

We made pancakes for dinner - well, tea I suppose - and he learned how to hold the pan in one hand, the batter in the other, and to pour and twirl. I also showed him how to flip pancakes with a turner. (He had earlier asked me if I was a tosser, which made me laugh a lot).

I had to make a second batch of batter, we couldn't quite finish it.  I said I'd have a go at tossing pancakes, although it had been a long time since I'd tried and I hadn't been vey good.    I surprised myself by managing it very easily.   He asked me if how many tosses I could do, so I had a go. I stopped at 20.  We discussed the physics of tossing, and why high tosses were more likely to fail.  I did try some high tosses, after a couple of good ones, an semi good one, it finally ended up on the floor.

It took some persuasion to get him to try. Reassurance that the batter would only be thrown away otherwise so it didn't matter if he dropped it, eventually he had a go.  I showed him the technique I used,  and he managed to do it.

He then set to work on the lego battleship I'd rediscovered recently. I'd bought for him  a year or so ago, put it under the bed in the spare room, and had forgotten about it.

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