Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stray thoughts

I came home this evening, opened the front door, and saw a blackish looking cat run down my drive.

I don't have a blackish looking cat.

I made the cat noise, (the one where you purse your lips, pull, and make a squeaky mwah sound. (Isn't it hard trying to describe a sound?).  The cat stopped running, and came up to me, meowing very loudly.

It was a gorgeous looking cat. 

I shouted for DH, who was in the kitchen, to bring some cat food. Quickly.  I picked up the cat, rather surprised that s/he let me do so. It was very light.  No collar.  Didn't look dishevelled.  But I hadn't seen it before - there aren't many (any?) other cats in our street.

Eventually DH arrived with the cat food, which the cat gobbled down hungrily.  One of our cats is permanently starving and would probably wolf down food offered by a well meaning dupe,  so I didn't take this as confirmation that it was a stray.  I did give it the remainder of the packet though.  I left it eating on the doorstep, and went in the house. I thought it best, so the cat could disappear if it wanted.

As I shut the door, I told DH that if it came back for more food tomorrow, I'd catch it and take it to the Vet to be scanned in case it had a microchip.  In the meantime, I put a post on my local village facebook page to see if anyone has lost such a cat, or know who owns one.

I' realised that I'd already made up my mind that if s/he comes back, isn't microchipped and doesn't seem to be owned, I'd see if /he wanted to be adopted.

I am amazed that such a thought could enter my head at all, never mind so matter of factly.

The resident cats would not approve.

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