Sunday, 15 September 2013

Make hay. and all that

Had to be up very early today (for us. And for a Sunday).  DH had arranged to meet someone at 9am, about 30 miles from here.

It was a really lovely day. Was. When I got up.

I decided to make the most of it, and I went straight down to the Allotment to clean out and Poultry Shield the breeding gang's shed.

I worked as quickly as I could.  The Girls hadn't laid, and I knew they would want to.  I cleaned and poultry shielded one nest box, and pt it out in the sun to dry while I concentrated on getting the shed emptied, swept, and Poultry Shielded.   I have quite a big sprayer now, and it's so much easier than when I used a hand trigger thing.

When I'd done, I put the nest box back inside Not ideal, but OK in an emergency. I then got on and did the other nest boxes, leaving them in the sun to dry out.  Next, scrubbing the poo trays, followed by disinfecting the waterers. 

While I waited for everything to dry, I I mucked out the Big Girls coop,  and the Dinner Chickens (DCs) coop.  Both coops were Diatomed, and I put in fresh Aubiose.    

I cleaned and disinfected the DCs' waterer.   It's one of those white bucket things, and it's a pain to clean.   

I checked feeders.

By now, Henry's Girls were wanting to lay.  They'd been in and out of the shed a bit, compaining. Henry had been in to inspect.    

 I put the poo trays back in, and lined them with Aubiose.    Henry tried to show one of the Girls how she could back up into a corner  on the poo tray and lay here egg there.    She didn't look convinced.   She still didn't look convinced when Henry showed her.

I put everything away in my car.  I was tired. I'd been there for hours.  I looked in the shed, and decided it was dry enough to put stuff back.   I put the nest boxes in, Diatomed, and new Aubiose.   Finally, a lght covering of Aubiose on the floor, and it was done. 

I was hot. I was bothered.  I was wearing a plastic showercap which, whilst preventing me getting poultry shield and crud in my hair,  made me even hotter.  

Removing it - bliss!

I'd just finished a bottle of Ecover washing up liquid (thank you Compost Woman for the recommendation), and the bottle cap (and the bottle, of course) looked like it would make a very good Diatom puffer.   It did.  Much better than my fairy liquid bottles, which I'd used previously.

I might have to use some more Ecover, just so I can get bottles for the Stalosan, and some for my Garden Girls stuff.

As I left the Allotments, it started to rain.

So glad I siezed the moment.

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