Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fitting it in

Isobel had a fit last night.

I had no idea.   I got up this morning, made tea, fed the cats.  I could see something smeared on the kitchen floor, and I immediately thought that Izzy had had a fit.  I couldn't find any foam, or urine. Just a smear on the floor.   Maybe something had leaked out of the recycling box when I stood it there?

I carried on making the tea, and I looked into the hallway. There were more splodges in the hallway - consistent with something dripping out of the recyliing box as I carried it out the front door.   I went to investigate.

There was a cool bag on the floor,  dumped in the hall yesterday when I emptied my car boot to vacuum it.  The top was saturated.  It didn't smell of wee, it didn't really smell of anything.  Had I spilled something on it?  Then I saw more "stuff",  all over Raymondo. (Raymondo is our ancient Roomba vacuum cleaner, who lives in the hallway). He had only been put back in the hall yeterday, and he hadn't been covered in anything then.

I realised that Izzy must have had a fit in the hallway during the night.  I hadn't heard anything. I hadn't stirred at all.

I got the SD card out of the camera, to see if we'd captured it. I wasn't expecting anything, because I didn't think the camera had been angled to reach the end of the hall.

Actually, it didn't capture anything at all.  The SD card was full, and had been since 10th September.

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