Saturday, 21 September 2013

I've had to check the Garden Girls every night since Tilda joined them, to make sure that everyone has been able to get into the Cube. Everyone meaning Lotti.   For a long time wasn't allowed in, or to stay in if she did get in.   I'd turn up when it was nearly dark, opene the egg port an d put a torch in , then help her in by making sure the others didn't peck her as she tried.

Occasionally she would get in and stay in without my assistance, but these were one-offs.

Then for six nights on the trot, she was already tucked up in the Cube when I got out to check.  Two nights ago, I was tempted not to go and check, but I did. As I walked down the garden, I decided that if she was in tonight, I'd stop checking.    

So?  She was out on the verandah.  She came charging in as soon as I opened the egg port.

Last night DH was away, and I had been out for dinner with my friend Y.  I got home, a little worse for a little wine.  I went straught out to check on Lotti.

There was a chicken on the verandah.  But it wasn't Lotti. It was Florence.  Florence?  My Australorp?   I checked again, in case it was actually Poppy (who is black like Florence, but that's where the similarity ends). No. It was my enormous chicken, Florence.  

Florence is the secret bully (whereas Custard is the open bully).  Florence is the one that won't let Lotti in, and the one who pecks Tilda. I've caught her doing both things on the run cam. 

I concluded that FLorence was out on the verandah because she wanted to be, so I left her to it.

And I'll resume my nightly checks from this evening.

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