Saturday, 14 September 2013

Must be Autumn!

I noticed that the Girls' dust bath, and parts of the floor of their walk in run, were looking a bit soggy today.  Made me realise it's Autumn, and I need to do some Autumny preparation things.

Job number 1 was to remove the summer shade from the Cube run, and replace it with the "clear" tarpaulin cover.   This lets light in, but protects that part ot the run from rain.

The summer covers were sodden, so I put them on to a chair with all good intentions of either hanging them up to dry, or maybe washing them.... but they're still on the chair now and it's raining.

I made a note that I need to locate the covers for the bottom sides of the Cube's run.  And I went into the shed to find the clear corolux panels which go on the sides of the main run to prevent the rain coming in.  They'd been properly put away on the ceiling and I couldn't reach.

All jobs for tomorrow.


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