Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roo's gone

Just had a phone call from Other Chap (OC). It's his turn today to go and check on the chooks, and he phoned to let us know that Roo had died.

I'm so sad that he's gone. I'm crying in sadness at the loss, and happiness that we were so lucky to have known him.  He was a gorgeous boy, and so friendly.  He was one of the first three chicks we hatched ourselves, originally destined to be dinners but all so friendly that we decided to breed from them. 

I'm happy that he went quickly, no long lingering illness and not a violent death. Liver failure, I think.

He had a very happy free range life.  He had four wives, 3 of whom are still with us,  and was very active and fertile.   2 of his daughters live in my garden flock;  and we have 20 youngsters from this year's hatch with a good number of cockerels, so one of his lovely sons will succeed him.

It may mean we are likely to have a bit of unrest and aggravation from six girls left behind (3 who formed the Harem and the 3 laydees who were too small and agile for Roo to catch). They will, no doubt,  be trying to sort out a pecking order in his absence.

On the plus side, it means we can take the saddles of the Harem, and I'm sure they are going to enjoy that.    We'll re-saddle everyone (including the Laydees) later in the year when we introduce the new cockerel.

Goodbye, my gorgeous boy.


  1. Sorry to hear about Roo!

    He looked like a gorgeous chap.


  2. Oh I am so very sorry. We get so attached to the animals and even if there is no suffering it is still so upsetting. I'm upset and he wasn't my boy!!

    So just wanted to share some kindness and say I am thinking of you. He did appear to have a wonderful life so be very proud of yourself.

    Leanne x