Thursday, 14 July 2011

Who needs Buffy?!

Last year our garlic crop was a bit of a disappointment both in terms of quality, quantity, and size.   This year, we've been overwhelmed.

DH grew both hard necked and soft necked varieties this time (who knew there was a difference?!).  Both did really well.   The bulbs are big, with big fat juicy cloves.   DH harvested them, left them to dry and has been trimming and tying them for the last couple of days.

Our kitchen is now festooned with garlic. Soft necked varieties are in traditional plaits, the hard necked varieties can't be plaited.


  1. Thank you this post & pics, we have grown the hardneck type this year & I was at a loss as to how to tie it up until I saw this.

  2. Hi Hester
    I asked DH where he got the destructions from, and he said he made it up as he couldn't think of anything else to do with it. It seems to be working though.

  3. That's great, it seems to work for me too.