Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A surprise Egg

Milly laid an egg!

Milly, our cream legbar, hasn't laid for....for...for ages.  I know she was broody on May 30th (when Lily died), not sure how long she had been broody at that point, but she certainly hasn't laid in the intervening period.

She was looking a bit under the weather a couple of days ago, and had gone to bed early for the last 2 nights,  so I thought she might be brewing a softie.

But no.  Today, in amongst a shiny brown egg from Florence, and a pale egg from Custard,  was our blue jewel.

I've missed those blue eggs.  Clever girl!


  1. Since the Fox took Vanilla Cream Legbar 5 weeks ago ( along with other girls :-( ) we no longer have any blue eggs. :-(