Sunday, 10 July 2011

Baby photos

The Chicks are now 13 weeks old, and they are soooo much like their parents - it's easy to see who belongs to which Mum.
Firstly, here's a pic of their Dad, Roo (I had to purple spray his comb, it's not normally that colour!)
 Then we have Mrs Roo, who is also a Sasso....

And then the two Welsh Black (Australorp  Indian Game) ladies, Rose and Ruby.  One of them produces only black girls, the other produces black, or black/brown.  We don't know which produces which.
And now, here are the Baby Photos.  They are all just quick snaps, as they are a busy little flock and they don't stand still long enough to frame a proper picture.
Roo x Mrs Roo Sasso cockerel; this one is very compact
Another Roo x Mrs Roo cockerel,  definitely Daddy's Boy
(background) Roo x Rose/Ruby cockerel
Another Roo x Rose/Ruby lad. This one has more brown

Another Roo x Rose/Ruby, all are stunning in real life
Both these pullets are Roo x Rose/Ruby on the left (one of them throws a high proportion of brown dominated babies)

Not a great photo, but you can see the game bird stance these boys have
Rose/Ruby girl again - she's such a gorgeous looking thing

Roo x Welsh Black pullets
Roo x Mrs Roo Sasso pullet. She'll darken and end up the spitting image of her Mum

I took loads of photos but I didn't manage to capture all the colour variations!  Never mind.


  1. Aren't they all georgeous.

    Love the sasso x birds.

    Martin :0)

  2. Wait wait, back up. Why would you "have to" spray a roosters comb purple? I just spit my Merlot all over my computer.

  3. Hi Alexis. A couple of days ago, I noticed that Roo had some blood on his comb, most likely he'd been pecked by one of the Girls. Blood and chooks aren't a good combo, an injured biird tends to get pecked by everyone, often with disastrous consequences. So, I keep some "purple spray", which is s spray containing Gentian Violet and some antiseptic. When a bird gets pecked, you cover the wound with this spray. It cleanses the wound, and the purple colour disguises the blood. The purple spray tends to have a wide diffusion though, and goes everywhere, so most or Roos comb got plastered (along with my - gloved - hands). Hope that helps! Sorry to have made you waste your Merlot.Hazel