Monday, 22 November 2010

Today's breadmaker loaf - "French"

As I was noting down the results of my Focaccia in the breadmaker handbook, I saw a recipe for French bread.  

As with the Focaccia,  I don't see how this can be what it purports to be.
I've made proper french loaves by hand, using french bread flour (from the fabulous Shiptons Mill), and proper french bread wire racky things.  Delicious, but took a while to make and went stale quickly. I found that if I wanted them for lunch, I had to get up very early to make them.

Still, I'm in an experimenting mood, so I think I'll try it. I need to time it right though, and fortunately "French" programme allows me to set the timer.  It takes 6 hours (yes, 6 hours) to make, and I need to make sure one of us will be in when the machine goes beep.

Even if it isn't authentic, the description sounds pleasant enough. It promises "..a crispier crust and open texture".


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