Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nostalgia (isn't what it used to be)

Clutterbusting in the loft has been going well.

The first couple of boxes we reviewed together contained mainly books. 95% have been put into bags for the charity shop,   and I've added some books from the bookshelves.  Our local charity shop will shortly receive every book written by Dick Francis, Tom Sharpe, and Maureen Lipman, plus may others.  It's very rare for us to dispose of books, so I need to get the bags out of the house before we change our minds.

I did keep all my Enid Blyton "Find Outers" series. They were in terrible condition having been read numerous times since I was 7.

And we unearthed videos, also now in the Chartity bag, plus some video cassette footage from a video camera we owned in 1992.   DH unearther the video player, hooked it up to my laptop, and we're transferring the films to DVD.

What a nostalgia fest!

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