Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Home made....

We make a lot of things ourselves. Our successes include:
Butter (we rarely use shop-bought butter or spread now);  Jam; Marmalade; Lemon Curd;  Vodka (using our own fruit);  Cider (from our own apples);  Beer (from premium kits).

DH has also tried home made wine using our own produce.  But these always taste like home made wine.  And I don't mean that in a good way.

This evening, a glass of something purple was put under my nose.  "Try this".  I took the glass, swirled the contents, and sniffed it.    "It's home made wine, isn't it" I asked,  my heart sinking

I don't know what it is about home made wine.  I guess if you have nothing else, it's a good thing.    And it's probably OK for what it is.  But it's not the sort of thing I want to savour with my dinner.

I tried the wine.

It was actually very good.  Not as wine, per se,  but more as a substitute fortified wine.   An aperitif, or a digestif.   I love Madeira, and this was good.

I expressed my delight and my surprise to DH, who was somewhat taken aback at the fact that I had actually found a home made wine to be drinkable. 

He nearly fell of his chair when I got up a bit later and helped myself to a pre-dinner aperitif.

This was made with Damsons.  We'll be making it again!

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