Tuesday, 27 January 2009


What a horrible morning for the new girls' first day! It's dark, and the fog is freezing. Poor things didn't want to come out when I opened the Eglu door, so I left them to it. They crept out after a while, ate a bit, and then went back in.

DH went out and fitted the Omlet shade, on the basis that the girls were used to being a bit more enclosed. He also put one of the roofing sheets at the end of the run to provide shelter.

It's supposed to be sunny today, and I want the ground to warm up for them; we'll put the rest of the roofy stuff on later today, as it's meant to rain tomorrow.

The Oldies hadn't really noticed the Newbies. There was a bit of squawking earlier on, mainly because the Oldees wanted to be let out and I was busy somewhere else. I came and let them out, and they trundled down to the house - not to the Newbies, as I had feared.

I came into make some coffee and toast, and I could hear a racket of hen squawking. I opened the back door, and the 3 Oldies were standing like statues, necks stretched, looking in the general direction of the Newbies. Feariing a fox, I ran down the garden in my slippers (chicken owners will know how odd that is), and Lily was going beserk. I tried to quieten her down, and a host of thoughts were running through my head "oh my god, she's a he....but if I take her back, will they have to kill her?" but then I saw the reason for her panic. Washburn had emerged from the bushes some way away. He wasn't anywhere near them, wasn't looking at them, poor lad, but the Girls had never seen a Cat before.

The Newbies are on the vegetable patch, which is right next to next-door's fence. My other next-door is lovely, and I know she would be OK about the racket, as long as it was only temporary. But I don't know about the new people on the other side.

I've been planning to take them some eggs, but we've only just started to get a regular enough supply to give some away. I gave 4 to my lovely neighbour yesterday.... I'm concerned that if I take eggs round to the other neighbour now they'll think I have Ulterior Motives.

Oh well. Better to be damned for doing the right thing than be damned for doing the wrong thing, I suppose.

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