Wednesday, 28 January 2009


This morning, despite the rain, the Newbies came out of the Eglu fairly quickly. They've been in and out all day.

I've seen both of them eating from the feeder, and one of them drinking. If one of them can work the nipple feeder, then the other will soon learn.

I put a lettuce in the run, as they hadn't got to grips with the hanging feeder; they ate some and trod a lot into the ground. They weren't too interested in porridge. They tried some of the boiled rice, leftover from last night's dinner; the Oldies go mad for boiled rice, and Delilah actually trod on Milly to stop her from getting to it today! When I went out an hour later, the Newbies had hoovered up all their rice, so seems as though they like it too.

Gave them all some mixed corn, and the Newbies loved that too. I don't mind the having a bit of extra mixed corn at the moment as they aren't laying anyway.

As I was coming away, Washburn walked down the garden, and the Newbies looked briefly at him, then went back to the corn. That's progress!

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