Friday, 30 January 2009

Garden games

Nice day today, although a bit cold. Decided to let the Newbies out of the Eglu Run, so I created a little garden paddock for them.

Daisy was out like a shot, and started munching the grass. Lillibet found it all a bit too much and, instead of coming out, retreated into the Eglu. Later, Lillibet came out, and then flew over the netting into the main garden. I managed to shepherd her calmly back into her paddock before the Oldies found her.

I came in, got my DH and a sharp pair of scissors, and we managed to catch her fairly easily - and I DH clipped one of her wings. She didn't seem too bothered.

Both Girls have been busy munching grass and playing "King of the Castle" on top of the Eglu.

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