Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hackles up

Day 3, and time to move on to the next step.

This morning I moved the netting away from the Newbies Eglu and run, so that the Oldies could get up close - with the Eglu run providing protection.

I went out with some corn and the Oldies came running over to me, as usual. I sprinkled corn along the skirt of the Eglu run for the Oldies, and inside the Eglu run for the Newbies. At first, the Oldies were too preoccupied munching corn to notice the interlopers.

Then Delilah spotted them. We had a face-off between Delilah and Lily, with a lot of chest puffing and attempted pecking (on both sides). Lily's hackles rose and separated, and she looked like a Cockatoo. This went on for a while. A bit later, Delilah tried it on with Daisy. The other two Oldies were just interested spectators.

After a while, the Oldies moved off to graze on other parts of the garden, but I've seen them back again.

The Newbies seem very interested (in a good way) that there are other Girls about.

The 3 day weather forecast predicts "sunny intervals" tomorrow, so I might try letting the Newbies out of the Eglu Run late afternoon for a bit of an Explore (in a fenced off area).

My current thinking (which may change depending on weather and progress) is to let both sets of girls free range in separate but adjoining areas from next week, and keep that up for a week. If the Newbies seem ready, I'll then try a bit of mixed free ranging for a while, before embarking on the final integration plan.

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