Monday, 26 January 2009

Now we are 5

Collected my two newbies today, a White Ranger and an Amber Star.

I've wanted a White Ranger since I first had hens because they lay large white eggs. They have a reputation as being very flighty though, and so I thought I'd wait until I had a bit more experience. Amber Stars have a reputation as being a very docile friendly bird, which is why I chose her.

Got them home at about three, and shut them in the Eglu for half an hour. Then I opened the Eglu door and let them out into their run.... and it took them ages to come out. The Amber Star emerged first.

They were very nervous, as it was quite noisy. Next door was doing some DIY, the dog two doors away was barking, there were a lot of wild birds around, there was someone playing with a very loud remote control something in the field behind us...poor babies probably suffered from sensory overload.

The White Star was going to be called TinTin, but I think I'm going to call her Lillibet (Lily); the Amber Star was going to be called Mei-Mei (pronounce MehMay), and I think that might stick.

I'll see how the names suit them when they've had a couple of days to get established.

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