Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What a whopper!

Bit of a commotion outside this afternoon. Delilah was crowing like mad, and Scarlett was going bananas. Assuming Delilah was announcing an egg, I went outside to find....

...her attacking Milly, who had got into the Bigees area.

I separated them, and rescued Milly. She looks OK, no obvious cuts or anything. Then I went to check the nest box to see if Delilah has laid. And she had. The biggest egg I've ever seen. I brought it in to weigh it (94g) and went to register it on the Omlet Egg Leader Board...but found that the smallest big egg there is 100g.

Anyway, it is still **ENORMOUS**

Here's a pic. For comparison I've included one of Delilah's usual eggs which, at 62g, is classed as "large".


  1. Thankyou so much for sharing your lovely story, I have really enjoyed reading and can relate to so much. As a new mum to 4 ex-batterys I am consuming every bit of chicken knowledge I can.
    Hope you and the girls are well

  2. Thanks Janey! Have you thought about keeping a blog about the recuperation of your ex batts? It would be great to read about their rehabilitation. Did you get them from the BHWT?

  3. I did get my girls from BHWT and would do a blog if I knew how! I suppose I could ask my son as he is the one I turn to for all things technical....

  4. Janey, it's really easy. You're already half way there because you have a Blogger account (otherwise you wouldn't have been able to leave me a comment.) Look at the top right hand corner of the Blogger window, and you should see two options, "Create Account" and "sign in" Click on the "sign in"option, and you should get to a screen where you can get help on how to create a blog, and you can get taken through it step by step.
    Wouldn't that be a surprise for your son?