Sunday, 3 August 2008

Over the top

Jasmine managed to get out of the enclosure. We heard a fluttering of wings, and there she was: in thePampas, on the wrong side of the netting.

We don't know whether she flew over from the ground, or whether she jumped on to the Eglu and then from there over the fence.

Anyway, we managed to catch her and put her back in. A few seconds later, another fluttering of wings, and Milly! was out too. She's easy to catch, so it wasn't a problem. We don't know what method she used, either.

We're waiting for them to do it again so we can see how they do it, and that will help us decide our next course of action.

It looks like I need to find a pair of sharp scissors, as wing clipping may be the best option. I don't know why i'm so reluctant to do it, many (most?) people do it as a matter of course. I think I don't like it for my Girls because it means they can't fly up out of harm's way, should that ever be necessary.

Mind you, I suppose they are potentially flying into Harm's Way if I don't clip.


  1. Just clip one wing Hazel. They can still jump pretty high with one clipped, if they need to.

    Mine are all clipped and it saves a lot of chasing around the veggie garden, trying to stop marauding hens nicking my spinach! *wink*

    C x

  2. Thanks Christian. I think I will do it...soon.