Monday, 18 August 2008


Yet another rearranging of the Eglu. The idea this time is that the Eglu run is very close to the Big Run, with the respectve feed stations as close as possible.

The resultant Netting arrangements are a bit complicated, but it means that almost wherever they are, they are adjacent. Each pair has one small area where they are out if sight of the other pair. The idea is that they will get used to the other pair being ever-present.

They've had a few minutes each day of supervised joint free ranging, butduring these periods each pair has mostly kept to themselves.

Today, Milly managed to get into the Big Girls enclosure, and Delilah took exception. Fortunately I was in the kitchen, with the door open, so I heard the kerfuffle. Delilah was attacking Milly, mercilessly. Milly made no attempt to fight back, but she was trying to get away. I rescued her of course, and she's OK.

Now, this is perfectly normal chicken behaviour. I know that. Introducing new birds is stressful, and there *will* be henpecking. It is usually quite vicious and unpleasant. I know this.

But, I suspect like many other people, I secretly had hoped that my lovely well behaved girls would be different, and would just accept it. Maybe just a bit of stand-offishness at first. The odd motherly peck.

But it's not to be.

I'll increase the frequency of the supervised free ranging this week, if weather permits.


  1. I hope this behaviour subsides. I have a bullying problem at the moment and it isn't nice. Hubby currently out in the rain re-building solitary confinement for the bullying bird!

  2. Thanks Janey.

    Fortumagtely it's not really bullying (at least not yet);it's just pecking order settling.

    Hope you get your bully sorted out. Have you tried fitting her with a bumper bit?

  3. I couldn't do that to her after the life she has had previously. I had to laugh, my husband had proudly made the confinement area escape proof but when I went down to see, the wrong hen was in there while Kylie was merrily attacking her sisters!! Poor Belle didn't know what she had done to deserve that!