Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Joint lock up

Things are much the same, not better, not worse, so it's time to take another small step.

I was taking my grandson, Callum, over to the park behind our house. I've been taking a big risk by not shuttting the girls away when I go, mainly because it's a nuisance trying to make sure the Littlees go in their Run, and the Bigees go in the Big Run.

So today, I decided to try shutting them all in the Big Run while we were out. It's only a risk because it means that if (for example) Delilah starts pecking one of the Littlees, there is a limit to where they can run. Outside, worst case, they could fly over the netting. Inside, they can run away, fly up on to perches, but if Delilah decide to be really nasty and not let then alone, they can't escape. Not that I really think Delilah would do that, but one has to be prepared.

Anyway. I put two lettuce quarters in the run, a little bit of corn, and I sprinkled pellets over the floor, all designed to keep them occupied. Then we shut them in, watched them from the kitchen for a few minutes while we got ready, then we went out and left them.

When we got back, they seemed OK. Obviously I can't tell what they were up to while we weren't here, but there were no obvious signs of distress.

So, we'll try that again next time they need to be shut in; and I'll probably try shutting them in while we're here so we can observe from inside.

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