Thursday, 7 August 2008

Baby Steps

A couple of days ago we moved the netting so there was no no-hens-land between them.

Today, we've gone down to one piece of netting (albeit the reinforced one), and we've rearranged the Littlees ranging area so that there is a really long shared border.

Doing this has necessitated using unreinforced fencing for the rest of the Littlees ranging area. Milly#sbody weight had increased by 50% in the two weeks to Tuesday, so we're hoping that she'll be too big to get through the holes now.

So far, so good.

Milly, who has no sense of fear at all decided to go and rook around the border. The Bigees came over to rook on their side of the perimeter fence. Milly was oblivious to them. She is, however, absolutely *tiny* in comparison to them. I need to wait until she's bigger before we let them free range together.

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