Saturday, 2 August 2008

Closing the gap

Last night, we moved everyone.

The Big Girls' ranginng area was moved to the back of the garden, so they can range under the lovely shrubs there. The Littlees were moved off the "lawn", and into an area between the Big Girls latest free ranging area and their old one. They are still separate, with a no-hens-land (NHL) in between the two bits of fencing, but we've reduced the size of the gap. We believe that no hen can reach into the other hens' area, but they can easily reach a head stuck into NHL.

The Big Girls are very aware of the newbies. Jasmine is very aware of the Big Girls and has been running up and down The Border. She's also been lunging around stretching her wings, and has shown off by jumping up on top of her Run. Milly seems oblivious to it all; she really has no sense of danger!

We'll move the fences closer still over the next week or so, and then we'll go down to just one piece of netting between them. One step at a time.

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