Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Softee puzzle

I clean out the poo trays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus once over the weekend. I take off the back of the Cube, scrape down the roosting bars and remove them, then slide the poo trays out and tip the contents into the compost bin. Fresh newspaper lining, fresh Aubiose, put everything back. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Monday morning I'd completed it by 10am. Today I went out at 10.30 to do it, and found FOUR softees in there. I'm a bit shocked, and very confused.

You see, Scarlett laid her first egg, a proper one, on Monday - in the Run. She laid another one yesterday, again in the Run. Lydia laid her first egg, a proper one, in the Nestbox yesterday. Delilah has been laying every day in the Nestbox. And here's the thing. The softees were very small, and were obviously from Lydia and/or Scarlett. But that means they've laid seven eggs in 48 hours. I don't understand.

Maybe they can lay multiple softees in the run up to producing a real one?

Oh, and thank goodness I knew that hens do lay softees, otherwised I'd be at the Vets now panicking about my poor chickens. Softees really are the wierdest thing.

One good thing though. Although the softees were broken, it didn't look as though they'd been eaten. Once a hen gets a taste for egg, she starts attacking eggs to eat them.

Anyway, I'll have to check the poo trays every day for a while just in case.

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