Monday, 14 April 2008

Cat and Chicken, cheek to cheek

The cats' interest in the chooks has not waned. Both cats still sit - or hide - and watch the cickens intently as they go about their daily business.

This morning I was brushing the roosting bars and emptying the poo trays, so I had the back of the Cube off. The Girls were busy free ranging around my feet. Washburn came and sat on the back of the Cube, and my DH came out to talk to me. We didn't tell Wash to get off, as Cats can be like children. If they think they are doing something naughty they'll just wait til you aren't around to do it again.

So I continued doing my stuff, whilst keeping an eye on the cat. I turned round to take the poo tray to the compost bin, and Washburn decided to get into the Cube. I carried on, and Wash decided to walk through the Cube into the main Run. Hmm.

By now I had put the roosting bars back, and Delilah decided to come and investigate. She flew into the back of the Cube, and then marched down the ladder. Lydia did the same. Scarlett entered the Run through the run door.

By this time, Wash had made himself at home on one of the perches. Scarlett started bokking very loudly when she saw him, and Delilah marched into the Run, and jumped up on the same perch as Washburn. And they just sat there, next to each other. Cheek to cheek. I wish I had my camera handy, but obviously I couldn't risk leaving them to go and get it.

By this time, my DH was ready at one end of the Run, and I was ready at the other. We didn't barge in, as both animals seemed quite relaxed. And that was it. They sat there next to each other for a couple of minutes, then Delilah jumped off the perch and Wash just sat up.

I went in and stroked the cat, and DH called him, and he got up, jumped off the perch and went to my DH who opened the door to let him out.

I always find these situations a little tense, and I have to squash my natural reaction which is to go and shoo the Cats away. I really want them to get used to each other, and the best way (imho) is to lt let them do it in their own time, but to be around to jump in if there is serious trouble.

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