Monday, 28 April 2008

Egg bound, broody, or...?

Still no egg from Lydia, and her behaviour is odd.

She's lying down a lot, and not really eating very much - although she's still happy to guzzle treats. She's not pancaking herself like she did when she was broody, and she doesn't make that tell-tale clicking sound that broodies do when you approach them. Maybe she's just on her way to getting broody again?

On the Practical Poultry forym there was a tip about putting an egg in front of a suspected broody. If she's broody, she'll grab the egg and roll it under herself. So I tried a few times yesterday, but everytime I got close, Lydia jumped up and looked for treats. I tried puttin gthe egg near her, and all she did was peck it, which brought the other two running over and they wanted to peck it too. I obvisouly don't want them to learn how tasty eggs are, so I had to remove it.

This morning, DH decided to have a go, taking a china egg with him. He stood still in the run waiting for Lydia to settle back down again, but she didn't. The ginger cat was interested that dad was in the run, and he decided to help by climbing up the run and on to the roof. And then walking along the roof and slipping.

Long story short, DH gave up.

I've decided a Vet Visit is necessary. She might be going broody. She might be egg bound. She might have something else. But she isn't really herself.

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