Monday, 28 April 2008

Escape artists

I have some temporary fencing which I use to fence an area of garden so the hens can have a bit of a range. They love getting under shrubs, rooking around in the beds, and generally decimating whatever is growing. This means the fencing plans get a bit elaborate, as I try to enable them to have a variety of ground but to keep some of the plants I love protected.

It takes me ages to get the fencing up, as it's not always possible to stake the fence where I want to. There is all sorts of rubbish buried in our garden. Anyway. I usually let the hens out to wander round the garden while I do the fencing. There's little chance of a fox attack while Im wandering around, and it gives the Girls longer outside. When I finally have the area staked out I (a) pick the girls up and put them in it, (b) herd them in it or (c) bribe them with corn, depending on how easy the access is for both them and me.

Today took ages as DH specifially asked me NOT to let them on the path until the grass has grown a bit between the blocks, plus I wanted them to be within sight of the kitchen window so I could keep a watch on foxes, and (c) there was half a bed I didn't want them to go in.

Once it was finished I came in, was chatting on the phone to a friend, mentioning that I could see the hens eating my herbs. Minutes after my phone call was finished, out of the corner of my eye I spotted them on the other side of the garden! Rushed out, searched for breach, fixed it, shepherded the Girls back in.

Came in, and by the time I got to the window, they were out again. I have no idea where the breach was this time, but I've moved the fence again just in case. I can't be cross with them though, it's quite funny. If it wasn't for the fox, I wouldn't fence them in at all - I'd just fence off the areas I don't want them to get to.

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