Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Snap out of it

Well, we put the broody cage inside our Run. We opened the nestbox door on the Cube, and Lydia was straight in there, pancaking. So, I gently lifted her out and put her in the broody cage (now known as "the Cooler"), along with some food and water.

I then went to visit our lovely next door neighbours to warn them that they might be hearing a bit of chicken noise over the next couple of days, and explained what we were doing and why. I didn't want them hearing a racket at night (and early in the morning), and then thinking we were being cruel to the birds.

I wasn't sure I could go through with leaving her in it overnight, but I needed to cool her down, so we did. It was in a sheltered corner of the Run, so she shoudl be OK. Nonetheless, I dreamt of cold chickens all night. 6.30am and there was a lot of bokking from Lydia, so I looked out to make sure she wasn't warning of a fox.

When I went to let the other two out, Lydia looked fine and had laid an egg. Eggcelent sign, as broodies don't lay. I brought the egg in, and pondered what to do. In the end I decided I'd risk letting her out, but leaving the broody cage in the Run, "Just In Case".

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