Saturday, 4 February 2023

Fork Handles

I made a mega batch of pork and beef chilli in the pressure cooker last night, using Catherine Phipps' recipe from her fab Modern  Pressure Cooker book.    It involves quite a lot of spices, most of which I ground myself from while spices. 

After dinner, when the rest of the batch had been portioned up and put in the freezer,  the house smelled strongly of the spices. 

This morning, it still smelled.

Part of the problem was the pressure cooker seal, which  tends to cling on to stinky things.   I dishwashered it, and then put it in a sealed bag with a load of bicard.  I put a clean seal in its place.  The house still smelled,  so for the first time in a long time, I lit a candle.

All my candles come from a company called St Eval.   I have a list o fthe ones of thirs that I really really like,  those that I like,  those that are OK but I wouldn't buy again,  those that I don't like, and those that I will never again have in my house (which is a very short list).

I'm burning one of my favourites, Bergamot and Nettle.    There isn't much left in the tin, so I thought I'd order a replacement.   

I thought I'd buy some scents in their reed diffuser range while I was at it, but their range of oils is much smaller than their range of candles, so I ended up buying candles (in tins) for some of their new scents,  I wanted to try Cucumber and Black Pepper, but DH recently confessed that he can't stand the smell of cucumbers (which is unfortunate as he grows many of them for me).   I bought a fourth new one, opting for tealightts instead of a tin, to keep the cost down whilst still qualifying for free delivery. 

I've got four candles coming.    I'm hoping that at least one of the new 3 will be added to my  favourites.


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