Thursday, 16 November 2017

Half a week

Bertie and Ping & Pong (BPP) seem quite happy in their new run at the Allotment.    Small Person was keen to see them in their new environment so on Monday I collected her from school and we went straight there.  

It was still just about light when we got there, but everyone was already in bed.  We opened up BPP's coop so that Small Person could see them, and she stroked them.  Then we cane home,  so she could see Camilla and Siouxsie in their temporary quarters and then her Mum arrived to collect her.

I can't work out whether Siouxsie and Camilla are content to be on their own together,  or whether they'd rather be back at the Allotment.   Much as I would like them to stay here (they are bottom of the pecking order at the allotment,   and Siouxsie is our oldest girl at well over 8 years old),  it isn't viable.   We don't have the space to have 2 separate areas on a permanent basis, so  I'd have to integrate them with the existing girls. I don't want to put them (any of them) through that stress.

Camilla is having her feet soaked in warm water and epsom salts each day,  and I've been trying to work off the scab/plugs.  It's a horrible job; painful for her and really stressful for me.    Everything has to be sterilised before hand, and afterwards.     Her feet are bandaged each day in an attempt to keep them soft.  She's toodling around the garden OK, and she's getting up the ladder to bed without any apparent problem.  

I don't want to keep them here any longer than necessary, mainly because the longer they are here, the harder it may be for them to reintegrate when they get back.   And I don't want to introduce BPP to the bigger flock until Siouxsie and Camilla are back.

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