Saturday, 4 November 2017

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Bertie is now sort-of-crowing quite a lot.

It's not very loud, and it still sounds hoarse, but it is getting more often.  Sometimes he stands on the ground and does it, other times he flies up on to the coop to do it.

His hormones are also taking over a bit.  When we let them out to free range,   he goes mad and chases and pecks Ping and Pong.   He hasn't made any attempt to mate,  so his hormones realise that they aren't yet ready.

He's not exactly eyeing up the Big Girls,  but I think he is now a bit more aware of them than perhaps he was before.

He hasn't started alerting anyone to tidbits,  but I guess this is normal.  He'll probably start doing that once the girls mature.

I really like having them here.  They can't stay though. I'd have to integrate them all if they stayed,  so it wouldn't be any easier for them.  And there isn't much (any) chance that Bertie will remain quiet.

Besides. The Allotmenteers could really do with a cockerel.  Although perhaps not just yet.  

We'll have to take them to the allotment soon.  I was hoping that Ping & Pong would be in lay before they went,  as this will give them a little bit more maturity and help them deal with the established flock.   

Also, all but two of the allotment girls are moulting,  so the last thing they need is a randy cockerel.  Nora, our second oldest hen, has not only finished her moult, her comb and wattles are bright red and she's back in lay.  Siouxsie, our oldest hen, has also finished he moult (I think), but he comb is very pale.   I don't mind if she doesn't come back into lay,  she owes us nothing.

DH moved the Cube recently, so we can put them down there and keep them separate for a while.

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