Friday, 10 November 2017

Bit of a stretch

We had our first Pilates session today.

We're both incredibly stiff and very unfit, and I couldn't face the trauma of joining a class and trying to do this in public.  So, we decided to book a course of 5 semi private sessions (just DH and me) to see how we got on.

It was quite good.  It really seemed to help DH's arm, and I'm hoping that the course of 5 will help him with getting some mobility back.   

DH had a shower, I had a bath, and I'm now sitting in m PJs waiting for the dinner bread rolls to cook.

I wore the Yoga Pants I made back on the Sure Fit Retreat nearly a year ago.   I'm going to make another pair for next time,  with my waist a little lowered. I might make them a bit more like leggings, I'm not sure yet.  It depends which fabric I settle on.

I might have to do this tomorrow, before the memory of the adjustments I need to make goes out of my head.


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