Thursday, 13 July 2017

Still broody. Two broodies.

Gloria has been broody since 18th May, 8 weeks now.  Poppy went broody about a week ago today, and they've been sharing the nest box in the Cube.

Gloria is, at last, considering not being broody any more.   I know this because she now comes out of the Cube at every conceivable excuse.  As soon as she hears me, she comes out to see if I have something worth eating.  And if I do, which I usually do,  she makes those cockerelesque encouraging burbles which mother hens also use to encourage their babies to eat.  I've even seen her pick up a bit of food and drop it, invitingly, next to one of the other girls.

But she then disappears back into the Cube, so she's not finished yet.

I've been enouraging her to practice jumping on to my outstretched arm, falconer style.  She doesn't need the practice, but I want to show the 3 youngsters how its done.   I wish I'd taught them when they were babies.    Progress is slow to non existent.   Sasha,  Appenzeller,  will just about stand on my arm, if I place her there and don't do anything to scare her.   Fay, Fayoumi,  runs away shrieking when I try and pick her up.  Fleur, Marans,  well, she's just too heavy.  I've tried sitting down and then putting her on my arm but she panics.  

I've missed having baby chickens this year, although it's probably been a good thing.

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