Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Getting back on track

No food fails today.  although I was very tempted to buy chocolate from the vending machine at the hospital.   I was going to get a bag of something to eat on my way home,  but the vending machines were by reception, and reception had closed - and access was locked - by the time I left.   I was very tempted to stop at the services on the way home,  but I was making good time and I just wanted to get home.

At home,  I resisted temptation to snack,  and waited impatiently for an hour and a quarter for my baked potatoes to cook.  For the first hour, I did a mixture of clearing up (including changing the cat litter)  and looking for a new tablet for DH.

I did end up wating some of my hastily made tuna/mayo while I was waiting the last 15 minutes,  but I'd have eaten it with my potatoes anyway. That means it doesn't count as a fail.

The potatoes were OK.  They skins would have been better if I'd been patient for another 15 minutes, but I wasn't and they weren't. I still ate them.

Onward and onward.

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