Thursday, 6 July 2017


People have been very kind. 

Next door neighbour made sure I had her number when I got in to the ambulance, and she offered to come and get me from the hospital.

My next-door-but-one neighbour knocked this morning.  He'd just heard about DH (he was on his own shed roof, and our in between neighbour told him to be careful). 

Another friend emailed to say that they realised it would be difficult for DH in the car on the way home,  and he asked if he could drive me to the hispital to collect DH as he had a roomier car.

My brother has been fab.  As well as driving to the hospital to be with me and to bring me home, he offered to take me on Monday.  I declined. I don't mind the journey now that I know DH will be OK.  He's working at the mo (he's retired, and works when he can get jobs), otherwise he'd here each day to check I'm OK.  He's also planning to take me to collect DH, and he's planning to complete the work on the workshop that DH can't do.

DH's two best friends are visiting him.  One has been away working, only got back yesterday, so today will be the first opportunity.   The other is also going today,  plans to go yesterday were changed because of the op.

DH's eldest son has been to visit him twice.   Daughter had planned to come, but one of te DGC developed appendicitis and had to have an appendectomy.   Other son has offered to finish the roof when DH is out of hospital.

Everyone wants to help, we're so very lucky.

We're so very lucky.

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