Thursday, 20 July 2017

Procrastination strikes

With DH out of action, I've been busy tring to keep on top of everyday stuff,  and I haven't had time to do anything on my (new to me) multi needle embroidery machine.

I'm guilty of creative avoidance.

I haven't done much sewing (apart from adapting some tee shirts for DH.  And omne jersey tee shirt for me, which turned out to be too clingy for the fabric I'd chosen).

I am trying to clear my cutting table (aka the kitchen table) so I can draft a shorts pattern for DH. I keep getting distracted, although today I woke up deciding I was really really really going to do it (i.e. clear it) today.

I've made a lot of progress.  There's a lot of clearing to do.   I can see the tabletop on about 2/3rds of it now, the other 1/3rd is piled up with stuff which needs putting away.

I am going to do it.


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