Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Corn on the Cob harvest today.  I set up a production line to strip the husks, chop the ends, sort the cobs by size; and then to blanch them,  plunge thenm in iced water to cool,  drain and dry them, bag them, freeze them. It's important towork really fast because the sugars start to turn to starch from the moment the cobs are picked.

I took some photos just as I got started.

First few cobs waiting to be blanched

Sizing the cobs (to blanch similar sizes together)

SOme of the stripped husks waiting to go in the compost

CObs in my icking bag waiting to be stripped

Cob ends for the chooks
It was a really good haul, and the kernels well developed, neat, and swollen.   32 very large cobs, 8 medium, 9  small (which are still quite big), all frozen.

 I'll miss being able to pick them and eat the raw (only do this with cobs that are literally just picked!),

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