Saturday, 5 September 2015


Last week was busy, with a there-and-straight back, 5 and a half hours driving, to Devon,  followed by a there-and-straight back 2 and a half hour trip to Jampshire the following day.   On Wednesday morning this week I was up at silly O'clock, and off to my brother's (DB2) house..  All three siublings were leaving his house at 7.10am to drive to Wales to see our parents. 

We were gong to birthday-surprise our Dad in their local supermarket, take them to lunch and then go bak to their place for the afternoon and evening.  We'd stay overnight, see them the following morning, and come home in the afternoon.

I'd booked a B&B, which I had thought was fairly close to where my parents live.  It wasn't quite as close as I had thought, but it wasn't too bad.   "Live and learn", we thought.  "It's only 1 night".

In fac,t it was magnificent  Really, really lovely.   They only had 2 B&B rooms (although they also had cottages),  and the B&B guests had their own lounge area.   It wasn't stupidly opulent, but everything was really tastefully done.  It wasn't cheap nasty make-do bts of furniture and bedding,  nor did it have one o fthose mean showers that resent letting any water flow through.  Nor the mean plastic pots of UHT milk and grudging packet of bourbons.

The rooms were really well done out, everything you could want.  Good kettle, fresh milk in a small flask, an array of quality drinks to choose from,  biscuits and cakes.   The bathroom was large, spotless, and with a fab shower.  Decent towels.  Good bedding. 

The lovely Yola even brought us tea and cake when we arrived.  Breakfast was superb - no scrimping,  best quality bacon and sausagesm beautifully cooked.

View from my bedroom window

It was so lovely tha we've decided we'll go there next time too. 

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