Monday, 19 August 2013

Pillow fights?

That is what the Run looks like.  And the free range area.

A pillow fight with at least two feather pillows, where both pillows burst.

Amongst the black feathers (courtesy of Poppy's recent broodiness and Florence's current broodiness)  which have been floating around the run for some time, there was an enormous pile of copper brown feathers.  

Roobarb is moulting.


On the Allotment today, another pillow fight.   I was met by a balding Norah (or it might have been Batty,  I didn't check the leg ring).   She looks like she's gone punk on the head and bottom.

Spike, the Exchequer Leghorn cockerel, started with the attacks immediately.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to catch him (so I could carry him under my arm for a bit).  I resorted to carrying the watering can as a barrier... and at one point when he still managed to get me (Ow!) I poured its contents over him to get him away from me.

Three of the egg-laying girls are broody: Not Norman and Siouxsie (two of the three Dorking X girlies) and Coffee (our chicken of fate BlackRock hybrid).  I don't recall Coffee beeing broody before.  

In the Breeders,  two Girls are broody.  Some of the six of them are always broody, and it's hard to keep up with who has been broody when.

With the Growers,  they are all looking fantastic.  RedHead, the fast developed cockerel,  now has hs full regalia and looks stunning.  I can't believe he's only 13 weeks old (same as the rest).
Work is progressing on the new coop for the allotment.  I'll post pics when it's done.

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